After Watching She’s Dating The Gangster

After Watching She’s Dating The Gangster

I heard the story was nice and entertaining enough according to my teenage nephew. It turned out to be better than what he had expected it to be. Usually, movies such as these are made only because the stars in it are popular, like in the case of Kathniel teamup. Glad to know someone like Cathy Molina’s at the helm, thereby making it somewhat touching and entertaining. You are right. I thought this would be only a cutesy fluff, but no. It had real substance. I do not really watch mainstream Pinoy rom-coms, but I’m glad we went to watch this one. That’s perfect chemistry times 2 with Richard and Dawn and Kathryn and Daniel. I always like Director Cathy Garcia Molina’s approach which tells the story in a lighthearted way and it’s always easy to watch.

Movie and Book Review on She’s Dating the Gangster

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But being also a dramatic movie, the plot has to eventually cross over to the She’s Dating the Gangster is a charming and entertaining romp.

Athena Dizon plays a trick on campus heartthrob and bad boy, gangster, Kenji de los Reyes. Soon they find themselves falling for each other while life tries to tear them apart. But the clothing and hairstyles are always unique. And when I say overwhelming, I literally mean overwhelming. My eyes did not know what to focus on. Anytime our OTP both the modern and past versions came on screen I was totally enthralled.

These two can do no wrong when it comes to adorable romantic hijinks. But then the actual plot of the movie crashed back into focus when they were not being all couplish and I was not overly happy. I was not a fan of the whole tragic illness plot twist. Not to mention, the ex girlfriend illness aspect pissed me off even more. Very very lame.

‘She’s Dating the Gangster’ Works Best When It Embraces Its Silliness

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I also can’t start with the plot of the story because I know that you are already familiar about it. She’s dating the gangster. The title says it all.

I thought I knew everything. I always thought I knew what love was. I realized I knew nothing at all. I thought love was the most. Lucky are those who find. Do you really love me? Grace, ever since college Kirby has been waiting for a miracle,. Let’s raise our glasses. Kenneth, Fm talking to you. You ruined your Aunt Grace’ wedding.

What do I have to do for you to shape up?

She’s Dating The Gangster Book Review

This week I had to stay in Ayala because I moved to the new place. Packing, moving and unpacking can be very tiring. To help de-stress, I decided to go for a movie. At first I was doubtful because I hate rom-coms, especially in English or Tagalog. I can only stomach Japanese rom-coms occasionally Korean or Chinese too because they have so much in their plots to inspire you.

You guessed it right.

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It will be perfect if they just did whats written on the book. They dont need to put some twist or whatever because the book was already great. Post on. July 17 , PM. Oggs Cruz. Sign-In to Vote. Tweet 0 Submit. Carlos Siguion-Reyna’s Hihintayin Kita sa Langit I Will Wait For You in Heaven , , the quintessential Filipino film adaptation of Emily Bronte’s Wuthering Heights starring Richard Gomez and Dawn Zulueta as lovers doomed by both man and fate’s cruelty, represented what could probably be the last hurrah for mature romantic tearjerkers, paving the way for stories of teenagers and their first romances.

Cathy Garcia-Molina’s adaptation of Bianca Bernardino’s She’s Dating the Gangster , the Nicholas Spark-esque novelette about another lovesick girl falling for the coolest guy in the campus, could have gone the way all the other commercially successful teen rom-coms went before it. Bernardino’s story, which curiously ends in tragedy, has all the makings of a swoony hit, especially with all its outrageously blatant manifestations of juvenile love. In the novelette, Athena, a normal girl in campus, is forced by Kenji, the campus’ top mischief-maker, to pretend to be his girlfriend to make his ex, who is also named Athena, jealous enough to want to come back to him.

As with all love stories of this type, the pretences dissipate, giving way for what seems to be true love, which would be abruptly stopped by some mean twist of fortune, which in this very unoriginal case, is a fatal disease.

MOVIE REVIEW: ‘She’s Dating the Gangster’: Easily Qualifies to be a Perfect Movie Date

Star Cinema has not just succeeded in living life to the Bernardino novel, but it has made it more appealing, consistent, more relatable to the Filipino moviegoers, and made it more sensible as well. Despite the inconsistencies created by the book author, we have to give credit to her since the film material was still based on the best-selling novel that sold 70, paperback copies and an online hit of 60, readership on wattpad.

Other than that, the rest should be credited to Star Cinema for re-creating a material from a morbid and trying to be profound to pass the critical Filipino mature movie audience. The film outfit which celebrates its 20th anniversary came up with a more solid and believable love story between Kenji and Athena played by Daniel Padilla and Kathryn Bernardo, respectively. The book bored me at times. Not the typical read for voracious intelligent readers since it lacked elements the book readers would be looking for as a whole.

She’s dating the gangster is a wattpad story that is written by Bianca The ending of the story is unexpected, since Athena died due to a heart.

I was expecting that this story will be a blast because of the positive reviews and recommendations I heard and read everywhere. I was very disappointed when I find the story not as interesting as I expected. The only thing I like in this story was the ending For me, the ending was unique. He committed suicide, which for me is awesome and unique. This story is now a movie! Portrayed by the most popular love-team in the Philippines of our generation, Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla a. In my opinion, the movie version is waaaay better.

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Book Review: She’s Dating the Gangster

A story will never be complete without the twist and turns that is shown in the plot. The plot of a story consists of the following:. I also see the character of Athena Dizon with that of Hazel Lancaster because are both battling against cancer and have the same view point of life.

The story of SDTG was unlike all rom-coms. Most rom-coms end happily. While the ending was not exactly tragic, it wasn’t happy. It was realistic.

Answer: Her name is Athena. She is not an actress but she can be considered as a commercial model. Not the Georgina Wilson or Solen Heussaff type. Trust me, I know all of it. Answer: I removed it. Well, you can see the old ones that has been posted but other than that, stop digging.

5 Pop Fiction Books To Read If You Loved She’s Dating The Gangster

The story is about giving a second chance in love. Athena Dizon, who believes that she will find her true love and there is Kenji Delos Reyes who cannot move on by his ex-girlfriend who is Athena Abigail Tizon. The story starts when Kenji asked Athena Dizon to pretend as his girlfriend in able to get his ex-girlfriend back. Eventually they fell in love after several dates and spending a lot of time together.

Answer: Sul Woo Suk. 4) Lucas? Answer: Lee Sang Eun/Lee Ji Hoo. 5) Athena Dizon? Is she an actress? Answer.

Post a Comment. Kenji Delos Reyes delivers a speech during the wedding reception of his college friends, Kirby and Grace. Kenji asks Kenneth what caused him to feel this way, to which Kenneth replies that he knows his father is in love with a girl other than his mother, Athena. Disappointed, Kenji tells Kenneth that the latter has no idea how much he loves him and his mother. Kenneth walked out and goes on a drinking spree while Kenji goes on a trip to Bicol.

He rushes to the airport to see the list of survivors. He then meets Kelay who also wants to see the list but Kelay could not pass through so she makes a fake weeping, causing a scene.

Shes dating the gangster ending

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